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20 years of


More Endorsements for Jeri

Double Oak Mayor Mike Donnelly

County Clerk Juli Luke

Former Highland Village Mayor Bill Lawrence

Avie Raburn - Precinct Chair 3006

Sherman Swartz - Precinct Chair 3005

Terri Miller - Precinct Chair 1031

Kevin Thomas - Former Precinct Chair 3011

John Porter - Precinct Chair 3016

David Hernandez - Precinct Chair 3017

Richard Steenson - Precinct Chair 3026

Fred White - Precinct Chair 3027

Debra Kay Reed - Former Precinct Chair 4009

Kelly Sayer - Precinct Chair 1020

Shelli Hammons - Precinct 4011

Nikki Hightower - (Formerly Garcia)

Nick Augustine - Precinct Chair 1024

Lisa McEntire - Precinct Chair 4000

Morgan McComb - Precinct Chair 4002

Craig Kincaid - Chief of Police (Retired) Carrabelle, Florida Police Department

Kim Kaminski - Police Officer (Retired) Blue Island, Illinois Police Department

Chip Alison - Deputy (Retired) Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Paul Cunningham - Montague County Sheriff (retired)

Copper Canyon Mayor Ron Robertson

Denton County Young Republicans

Denton County Conservative Coalition


Judge Kimberly McCary

" The people that I work with at the county are outstanding.  Even so, some people tend to shine even amongst the stars.


Your Chief Deputy Jeri Rodriguez is one of those people.


She reached out to me today regarding a possible issue with a juvenile summons.  While it turns out that everything is just fine with the case, her caring and outreach meant so much to me.


Have a safe holiday. "